We have and do provide remedial and sports massage services for a number of corporates, clinics, elite athletes and weekend warriors.  We also volunteer our sports massage services at many high profile charity and sporting events:


" guys did a great job and were very happy to have you on board – my only annoyance is that I didn’t have time to get a massage myself!

Jaimie Fraser - Event Management Solutions Australia (bodyforward provided 3 days of Corporate Massage at The Sunday Mail Suncorp Bridge to Brisbane pre-event expo 2012)

"If you are looking for a remedial massage in Brisbane Noel is a first rate therapist.  His knowledge is unquestioned and he always explains exactly what he is treating and the treatment in words that I can easily understand.  He is approachable, enthusiastic and listens to my needs and understands my dysfunctions”

Claire Palmer, IT Consultant, treated by bodyforward (Dry needling, sports and remedial massage Brisbane)

"I have been visiting Noel for a while now and all I can say is WOW!!!  Noel knows exactly what to look for and is amazing I would definitely recommend him.  I appreciate Noel’s unquestionable integrity and find he is very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into his client’s and great awareness of their bodies.  Thank you so much and look forward to our continual massage relationship."

Caroline Humbert, Sales Consultant, treated by bodyforward (Dry needling, sports and remedial massage Brisbane)

Put simply, Noel Parkin is outstanding. If there's a body part he doesn't know, it doesn't exist. He is knowledgeable, personable, attentive to his client's needs and goes the extra yard to ensure your well-being. In my case, I battled a serious case of ITB friction syndrome in my first year of distance running. I saw four other physios, none of whom could fix my problem. One told me I wasn't cut out for running. Frustrated, I had all but given up hope when I contacted Noel. After three sessions, dry needling and intensive massage, I resumed running. I haven't had a problem since. Thanks to Noel's regular treatments keeping my body in shape, I improved my half-marathon time by 17 minutes and 10km time by 12 minutes. He is a first-class operator with magic hands and an unrivalled work ethic

Peter Badel, Journalist., treated by bodyforward (Dry needling, sports and remedial massage Brisbane)